Wednesday, 10 July 2013

How to have a great Disco, Party, Event in Hampshire (UK)

So here's the thing, you're looking for a DJ to play all your favourite tunes and you don't know any. So you search the web ("Googling" will be a recognised verb in the Oxford English Dictionary soon I reckon!) you try:
"DJ in Hampshire"
"Disco in south of England"
"Party DJ south coast England"
"Mobile disco Hampshire"
and get inundated with suggestions - many of which are agency-based.

What does an agency do? They secure the services of DJs and offer them to you. In the process they'll add an amount onto the DJs quoted price - their "cut".

The agency does nothing more than link you up with a DJ - in these times of maximising your return on your investment (ROI for the abbreviation freaks) many people find "going direct" to be a better all round experience.

Hence this post - cut out the middleman (who does nothing bar top-slicing your payment) and communicate directly with the DJ. You'll get a fair price, more immediate communication (as there's no in-betweener to interfere) and have a great event!

I just so happen to know a very good, reliable, experienced DJ who is more than happy to provide your musical requirements for your special event - ok it's me ;)

Groovemachine featuring MrGroove

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You can click the "Bookings" tab on my website and fill in a form and I'll get straight back to you with an answer - whatever the question may be (if it's a tricky one like "what's the fastest land animal?"* I may use Wikipedia to find out ;)

* It's the Cheetah.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Podcasts - How to create good quality ones

Just spruced up an article I wrote about podcasting - good tips, not just technical answers but pointers for consideration in regards the content. Let's not forget "content is king" - thanks Google for keeping us "on point"!

Spin over to here:
How to create a podcast - High Quality Podcasting

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SEO Kamikaze

This used to be a copy of my original blog:

It copied all the posts - what was I thinking!? Doubling up on identical text is an EXTREMELY bad idea. It takes away the uniqueness of your post and makes it look like a work of Monty Python's favourite luncheon meat (SPAM - in case the subtle clue was just too subtle).

So now I'm going to need to come up with a purpose for this blog that is different to my other blog - hmm.

For now we'll leave it as this single post - and hopefully Google et al will start to place a greater value on my original blog's posts ;)

'Til next time...